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Hello world! My name is Manuel Cepeda a 27 years old Software Developer from the Dominican Republic. I work as Lead Developer for the B2B platform in Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana in which I mostly work with the design, development, and analysis of features.

My favorite beers are Presidente Black and Franziskaner.

Thinking about when I am going to buy more

Isn't that enough to know me? Ok, more about me. Some of my hobbies are:

  • Anime (yeah, this isn't new coming from someone who works with computers), but let me tell you, I do not want to sound too cocky, but I have a great taste.
  • Gym (Not anymore due to the pandemic, however, I am currently doing calisthenics)
  • Movies, one of the latest movies I watched and I would recommend is The Hater. In my opinion, the main character development and the background messages make the movie a must-watch.
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